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Our Portfolio

  • DENSO has invested more than $100 million in multiple startup companies around the world. We're looking to advance and enable the next generations of technologies for the automotive, transportation and mobility industries.

Advanced Materials

  • Canatu Helsinki, Finland

    Canatu is an innovative developer and manufacturer of 3D formable and stretchable transparent conductive films and touch sensors. Our solutions bring design freedom and user interface to the next level for 3D-shaped touch surfaces.

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  • GaN Systems Ottawa, Canada

    The leader in Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power management devices, GaN Systems is a fabless power semiconductor company targeting the demand for more efficient power conversion for electric vehicles, solar and wind generation, smart-grid switching and lithium battery management.

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Autonomous Driving

  • Blaize (formerly Thinci) El Dorado Hills, California

    Blaize GSP offers a more efficient way to run standard and customized neural networks in autos and mobile transportation vehicles. It enables multiple advancements for autonomous vehicles, exterior functions and in-cabin usage.

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  • Metawave Palo Alto, California

    Metawave is revolutionizing the future of radar sensing for highly automated driving and wireless communications for 5G. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, we're building SPEKTRA, an analog beamsteering radar system that will make cars safer and smarter.

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  • Quadric Burlingame, California

    Quadric's full-stack system is designed to meet the powerful needs of next-generation autonomous products, Industrial IoT products, robots and more. Our edge processors can be incorporated into products that require instantaneous processing of real-world data streams with minimal power and maximum speed.

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  • Techpoint San Jose, California

    Techpoint is a fabless semiconductor company developing proprietary high-definition video connectivity technology targeting video surveillance systems and automotive infotainment systems, offering more reliable and robust HD video inside the automobile.

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  • TriLumina Albuquerque, New Mexico

    TriLumina delivers industry-leading illumination solutions for automotive, industrial and consumer products. These patented innovations in VCSEL technology for 3D-sensing and LiDAR democratize and advance a range of applications from AR/VR and 3D-cameras to self-driving cars and beyond.

Connected Vehicle

  • Airbiquity Seattle, Washington

    Airbiquity is a global leader in connected cars, OTA updates, vehicle tracking systems and automotive telematics. Airbiquity's latest service delivery offering - OTAmatic securely orchestrates and automates the increasingly complex task of planning and executing multi-ECU OTA software updates and data management.

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  • Lambda:4 Hamburg, Germany

    Lambda:4 specializes in positioning technologies based on the 2.4 GHz band, enabling reliable and secure positioning identification, convenience features and a truly keyless entry system.

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  • Peloton Mountain View, California

    Peloton is an automated vehicle technology company dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of freight transportation. We deliver innovative tools that save fuel, improve operational efficiency and productivity, and improve operational insight through connectivity, automation and advanced data analytics.

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  • Dellfer San Francisco, California

    Dellfer is making the world's connected cars and IoT devices safe from cyber attacks. We secure IoT connected devices through inside-out code protection, enabling the most sophisticated and zero-day cybersecurity attacks to be seen instantly and remediated with precision.

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  • No current investments

New Mobility

  • ActiveScaler Sunnyvale, California

    ActiveScaler exponentially improves the flow of people and goods for transportation providers. Our Managed MaaS product suite revolutionizes mobility by automating operations management with contextual analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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  • Bond Mobility (formerly Nere) Zürich, Switzerland

    Bond Mobility is an eBike sharing company that delivers high-performance micromobility. Bond is a car, rideshare or public transit replacement. The company is built for urban environments and offers faster speed and longer journey averages.

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  • Envoy Los Angeles, California

    Envoy is a community-based shared mobility platform providing on-demand electric vehicles as an exclusive amenity for apartments, hotels and workplaces. Mobility as an Amenity where you live, work or stay. Envoy vehicles are conveniently located on property with a dedicated parking space and charger and can be reserved instantly or in advance by residents through the Envoy There mobile app.

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  • Ridecell San Francisco, California

    Ridecell Inc. is leading the way in the digital transformation of fleet businesses and operations. The Ridecell Fleet IoT (Internet of Things) Automation solutions modernize and monetize fleets by combining data insights with digital vehicle control to turn today's manual processes into automated workflows. The result is unmatched levels of efficiency and control for shared services, motorpools, rental, and logistic fleets.

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Next Gen Manufacturing

  • Seurat Boston, Massachusetts

    Seurat Technologies is creating the next generation of metal printers designed for industrial scalability. Seurat's technology will allow manufacturers to cost effectively print metal at scale combining unprecedented speed, precision, part integrity and reliability.

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  • Neocis Miami, Florida

    Neocis is transforming dental implant surgery with advanced robotics. Its product, Yomi is changing implant dentistry. The first robotic guidance system for dental surgery, Yomi uses a simple digital workflow and delivers real-time multi-sensory guidance to dental implant surgeons.

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Acquired by DENSO

  • InfiniteKey

    InfiniteKey, Inc. develops low-energy Bluetooth technology software that allows smartphones to act as advanced key fobs. In 2017, InfiniteKey was acquired by DENSO International America, DENSO's North American regional headquarters, and is now a satellite office.